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June 15, 2021                                        


Skill Games Industry Provides $130 Million in Tax Revenue to Virginia as Games Leave Market

 QVS proud of its record of supporting small businesses, residents in the commonwealth

RICHMOND, VA – Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment (QVS) proudly provided $74 million to Virginia’s Covid-19 Relief Fund in the last year, as the commonwealth struggled through the pandemic. QVS, the largest distributor of skill games in the state, now prepares to leave Virginia by the end of the month. 


“We want to thank the state and ABC for working together with us to successfully run a regulated skill game industry for the past year,” said Jeanna Bouzek, QVS general manager. 


Skill games have had a profound impact on the financial wellbeing of the state, she added. Many small businesses have counted on skill game money to hire staff, pay for repairs, and keep up with their bills.


 “Our small business partners frequently tell us they depend on this skill game revenue to survive,” Bouzek explained.


On July 1, 2021, as skill game regulation ends in Virginia, skill game operations and needed additional funds at restaurants, bars and other locations will also end. QVS will comply with the current law and shut down its business operations in the Commonwealth by that date.


All totaled, QVS and other regulated skill game businesses will have contributed $130 million to the state in revenue during the fiscal year that ends on June 30.

During the pandemic, QVS also worked with its business partners to hand out thousands of free meals across the commonwealth in support of people in need.

“Our financial support and charitable giving helped small businesses and residents during a critical time last year,” Bouzek said. “We are happy to play a major part of the recovery efforts in the state.”

                                                      Contact: Mike Barley



Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment
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Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment Games are authorized by § 18.2-325 of the Code of Virginia and was amended by the 2020 Legislative session by adding sections numbered 2.2-115.1 and 18.2-334.5, relating to illegal gambling; skill games; exception; COVID-19 Relief Fund created.

Queen of Virginia Skill and Entertainment - Virginia ABC Authorized Skill Game Distributor #SGD-049

Ask for Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment (QVS) By Name!

Why is Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment a Different Type of Skill Game?

  • QVS has been certified by a Virginia Recognized Testing Lab

  • The Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment game terminals use Pace-o-Matic® skill game software.

  • QVS is the only game in Virginia using Pace-o-Matic® software.

  • No Internet Connection

  • Players can WIN every time based on skill & not chance.

  • The software which QVS utilizes has been adjudicated in a court of law as a skill DOMINATE game.

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Queenof Virginia Skill - Miele Manufacturing
Queen of Virginia Skill - Virginia Restaurant Lodging and Travel Association
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Queen of Virginia Skill Donates $50,000 grant to benefit the
Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund.

Queen of Virginia Skill and Entertainment, which places its amusement devices in restaurants, bars and convenience stores across Virginia, has made a $50,000 grant to benefit the Virginia Beach Tragedy Fund. Administered by the United Way of South Hampton Roads, the fund is providing financial support to the families of the twelve people killed and the four wounded during the May 31 shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center. The donation is the largest individual one made through the Queen Gives program, which has distributed more than $700,000 to Virginia nonprofits and other charitable causes since last fall. Pictured from left are Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer; Michele Anderson, president and CEO of United Way of South Hampton Roads; Randy Wright, former Norfolk City Council member and consultant to Queen of Virginia; and Jim Pietrangelo of Queen of Virginia Skill and Entertainment.

Inside Business |Oct 28, 2019 

Queen of Virginia Skill - Community Giving
Queen of Virginia Skill - Community Giving
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